List of Reports

  1. Complete Report With Location
  2. Complete Report Without Location
  3. Hours Report
  4. Summary Report
  5. Late / Absent Report
  6. Jobs Code Report
  7. Custom Report
  8. Daily Attendance
  9. Month’s Report
  10. Time Off Report
  11. Performance Report
  12. Department Report

Complete Report With Location and Without Location

The complete report present the most information for the period related to employee, this report present the dates worked, includes the times employee enter and go out, if with location is selected then present the location where employee clock In or Out. The report present the amount of regular time, overtime and double time employee work, for cases where employee got scheduled to follow, the report also present if got time outside the schedule. This report present the time employee use for lunch, and if pay lunch option is available for the employee, then will present the amount gained.
Since this report is the only one that present the most information available for the employee, will present the rate assigned to the employee, and another column will present the amount each working period sum, and the last column sum the time based per day, that means if employee got for one day only one In and one Out then will present the sum on the last column, but if got 4 records on the day, then on the last row for that day, report will present the sum on that row.
At the end of each employee selected, report will present a row with the sum of Regular Time, Overtime, Double time, Out of Shift, Lunch and Break Take, Lunch and Break Paid, and Amount.

The options for the complete report include, [One page per employee], [Add signature Line] “Must select one page per employee to enable”, [Add Manager Line] “Must select one page per employee to enable”, [Add summary to report]

For the period the options include use current [period selected], [selection] allow to check the days preferred on reports, like only report for the Monday and Tuesday, [Today] will only present todays information, and [Custom Period] will allow to select more than one period consecutive, the custom period only move based on company period selection, in other words, if company payroll is selected to be Biweekly, then custom period will add a biweekly period to the selection.

Email Report is a function to send the report to each employee emails, for this option to work the company email function must be configured, also the employee need to have a valid email address, you can run this report even if some employees don’t have the email address on system, report will just ignore the employees without email address on system.

[Email Report To…] is a function to send the complete report to one person.” Report send the emails with an attached PDF document


Hours Report

Hours report is identical to Complete report, just with less information, this report do not include the Rate, Amount and Total columns, also do not include locations.


Summary Report

Summary report is a more simple report, presenting only one line per employee with the sum for regular time, overtime, double time, personal time, sick time, vacation time, appointments time, lunch and breaks take, the total for all this times, and the amount gained.

At the end of the report will present the sum for all employees selected by each category, and the total payroll cost.

This report is limited in options to only allow a custom period, email the report to employees, and email the complete report to a person.


Late / Absent Report

Late and Absent report will work on employees that use schedule, based on the schedule for each employee, the report can present if the employee arrive late, did not come to work, and a summary of all the time the employee was not present to work.

About option, this report present the same options as the complete report.


Jobs Code Report

Jobs Code Report present times based on jobs that the employee do, on device employee select the code to do a work, that code is translated to a jobs assigned by the manager or the administrator, and on this report can be viewed where the employee do the work.

The report present the date worked, the time IN for the job, the code name assigned to that code, the OUT time again with the code name assigned, the regular time, overtime, double time, and any reason that may apply.

Per employee the report present at the end of the rows, the summary of regular, over and double time, a list based on jobs code worked with the time per each job, and in addition a graphics of the Time Log and Work Log.

As options this report present the same options as the Complete Report do.


Custom Report

Custom report is limited to present only the times based on the custom start and custom end selected. This report did not do any calculation, just present all the INs and OUTs employee got under the range of time selected.

The columns present the date, the time IN, the time OUT and the Total for that set, at the end of the rows will present a summary of the time presented for the employee.

The options for this report are; one page per employee, add signature line, add manager line. The period is full customized allowing to select any day on the calendar, and any time as the start and end time, in addition can select if want to see only an specific day of the week. Also allow to send the report by email to each employee, and send the report to a person.


Daily Attendance

Daily Attendance is a report that covers a employee month, and present in details all the action the employee do during the selected month. The report present if the employee Work, was Absent, Late or got an incomplete set of record on a day. This report could present if the employee arrive early or if leave early if got an scheduler assigned. Sick time, Personal time, Holiday, Vacation time are present too, in addition if employee got an scheduler assigned and work on a day that did not have assigned, report will present an “No Authorized” time worked, also in the event that employee call to be absent will be presented.

At the end of the columns the report present a summary of normal days worked, days absent, minutes late, how many call no works got and early minutes.

Option for this report allow to select the month and year to present report, email the report to employees or to another person, and can be exported as CSV running from an specific date to start and end.


Month’s Report

Month’s Report present all the records registered for an employee during the month selected on details, the report allow sets of record up to 6 per day, and present the total time per day and the amount gained per day.

At the end of the report present all the days worked, all days present and absent, how much time did work with also overtime and double time columns, as an addition present also a summary of the Sick, Personal, Call no Work, Vacation and Holiday time used.

This report always do a one page per employee, and the options allow to ass a signature line, and the manager line, the month to present with the options to send email to employees email address, or send the report to a person email address.


Time Off Report

This report is dedicated to present only the Holidays, Vacations, Sick, Personal, and other categories where the employee did not work. It present the date with the category, in addition present if was regular time, overtime or double time applied to the time off.

At the end of the report present a summary for each category found, and the options for this report allow to go on a range based by year.

This report can be send to employees by email, or to another person.


Performance Report

Performance Report work on employees that got schedules assigned, this report calculate an attendance Rate%, based on the schedule assigned and the performance of the employee, the report present the efficiency of the employee.

The options for this report allow to add a signature line and the manager line, and the period to check can be customized. This report can be send to employees email and / or to another person.


Department Report

The Department Report is similar to the Summary Report, but instead of reporting by employee, reports by department.

It present all the regular time, over, double, sick, vacation, holiday, appointments and lunch and break on one row and on a second row, same columns but in monetary cost. At the end of the report present the Payroll Cost of that department.

The options for this report are custom period and send report by email.